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All-Russian campaign on vocational guidance of students in medicine «Your choice»

Organizers: The All-Russian Public Movement of Medical Volunteers, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, All-Russian public-state organization “Russian schoolchildren’s movement”, Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

Aim: increasing the prestige of medical specialties and creating conditions for students to consciously choose their profession in the field of medicine.


— the formation of complete understanding about various professions in the field of medicine,

— involvement of schoolchildren in voluntary activities in the field of healthcare,

— to introduce schoolchildren with educational institutions that train healthcare specialists and the specifics of training in them.

Date: March 16 — 20, 2020.

Responsible organizers: Federal coordinator of programs for schoolchildren Sofya Brevus, tel.: +7 (985) 238-15-25, e-mail: brevus@volmedic.com